Bishop’s Epistle – Jan 2019 VOLUME XXV No. 1

The Most Reverend Walter H. Grundorf, D.D., Presiding Bishop

3348 W. State Road 426, Oviedo, Florida 32765 Telephone: 407.657.0880 Fax: 407.657.4410 Website: Anglican Province of America

Happy 2019 and a Blessed Epiphany Season. May the seasonal events of Epiphany inspire each of us as we seek to spread the Light of Christ through our lives and ministry. The story of the Magi has challenged the imagination of most of us as we read the account in Matthew’s Gospel. These men followed the light, the star in the east, to find the one who is born King of the Jews, in order to worship him. What incredible faith was displayed as they traveled from a far land in search of this one, born King of the Jews, although they were not of that lineage. Yet, they fell down and worshipped the Christ Child and presented him precious and symbolic gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. When they found the child, he was not in a palace, but, we are told, in an ordinary house with his mother. Thank the Lord for these men and their act of faith which reminds us that our Lord came for all people, including us. The wonderful collect for Epiphany reads, “O God, who by the leading of a star didst manifest thy only-begotten Son to the Gentiles; Mercifully grant that we, who know thee now by faith, may after this life have the fruition of thy glorious Godhead; through the same thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

The Beginning of a New Year Mary and I wish to thank all of you for the Christmas good wishes, including cards, emails, texts, phone calls and prayers. We had a wonderful Christmas being at St. Alban’s Cathedral, with beautiful Masses including great music by the organist and choir director, Rick Robinson and the Cathedral Choir. I had a number of reports from Clergy about their Christmas Masses and the attendance numbers were very encouraging. Often there are people who go to church once or twice a year that show up at one of the Christmas Masses. One never knows, however, if they fill out a visitor card, if it is worth following
up. I remember meeting a lady who told me she had been driving past the church and seeing the sign for seven years. She finally decided to visit and was very enthusiastic about finding the church and stated emphatically she would be back next Sunday. Unfortunately, she never returned. Funny how that happens, but it is not always that way, however. Follow-up is critical, as I have maintained. God sends them to us, it is up to us to do our best to provide a way for them to stay.

DEUS Synod 2019 and the election of a Bishop Coadjutor As we look forward to the events of the new year, one of the highlights will be the DEUS Synod this summer and the election of a bishop coadjutor. Following the canonical requirements for notification, our Chancellor, Glen Wieland, has provided a timeline for the timely request of approval from the other Bishop Ordinary, and the Standing Committees of all Dioceses to consent to holding the election. Requests for nominations will also strictly follow this provided timeline. Please watch for emails and in my next Bishop Epistle for critical dates in this process.

The question in some people’s minds may be, why do we need a bishop coadjutor? Is the Bishop not well? Is he being pressured to retire? First, since I am the Bishop I can respond that I feel great and just got a clean bill of health in late 2018. No, I am not being pressured to retire. The point is, our Diocese is at peace, it is strong, unified and on the move forward. But nothing or no one lasts forever and we have a duty to make this kind of decision while we are in a state of peace and general good will. I do not plan to retire upon the election of a coadjutor, but will use what time I have to be a mentor and provide for the smoothest possible transition. But it will take all of us working together, with God’s help, to keep our Diocese strong and unified.

On the subject of who would be the ideal candidate for a bishop coadjutor, if we are looking for perfection we will not find it. I am an example of that. We need to prayerfully consider one who has the temperament, the education, the personal holiness and genuine love for others as we make our choice. Other skills that may be lacking can be learned in time. One of the “chapel sayings” written in a booklet by the founder of the University where I graduated is: “you can borrow a brain but you cannot borrow character.”

Moving Forward We are at peace, strong, unified and on the move. Reports from a number of our very active parishes show growth with a number of new and younger families with children and in most cases do not bring baggage from their former jurisdictional experience. Without singling out particular parishes, the reason for growth can be attributed to many years of order and good will in the APA. It is not one bright hero priest somewhere, it is rather a number of good priests doing their jobs, loving their parishes, the APA and God. With a number of our new men coming from Seminary or transfer, the momentum is moving some of our smaller missions and parishes to renewed vision. We want the emerging leadership of our Diocese and Province to continue on what we have begun.

On the Ecumenical Front Last week, January 15-16, 2019, the Presiding and Archbishops of the Joint Synods (G-4) met in Dialogue with the Prime Bishop and his Episcopal leadership of the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC) and the Union of Scranton, in Atlanta, Georgia, at St. Barnabas’ Anglican Church. The Event was titled, A Convocation for the Restoration and Renewal of the Undivided Church: Through Renewed Catholicity.

In October 2017, PNCC representatives were invited and attended the Anglican Joint Synods, now referred to as the G-4 Jurisdictions, which led to this invitation to meet with the Union of Scranton. The Convocation was a friendly meeting which began with introductions, which allowed time for each jurisdictions to give a brief history of themselves. The Anglicans of the G-4 explained their origins and how after 40 years were finally united in full communio in sacris with each other. The Jurisdictions of the G-4 were represented by their Presiding and Archbishops from the Anglican Catholic Church (ACC), the Anglican Church in America (ACA), the Anglican Province of America (APA), and the Diocese of the Holy Cross (DHC). Also in attendance was a Bishop of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada (ACCC). The PNCC Prime Bishop Anthony Mikovsky and Bishop Paul Sobiechowski gave a brief history of the origins and history of the PNCC. This included their dialogue with Rome, the Union of Utrecht, the formation of the Union of Scranton and their work with the Nordic Catholic Church. The PNCC was represented by three bishops and two senior priests. The agenda was well-planned and allowed time from the participants to get to know each other informally.

In an historic moment during the Convocation, the Most Rev. Anthony Mikovsky, Prime Bishop of the PNCC, celebrated the Holy Communion, according to the rite of the PNCC, at the altar of St. Barnabas’ Church on Wednesday, January 16, 2019. This was the first time, that the PNCC Prime Bishop has celebrated the Eucharist using his own church’s liturgy at an Anglican Church. The Convocation will reconvene in Scranton, Pennsylvania, on April 24, 2019.

This is the beginning of what will no doubt be a long process. It is important to understand there is no agenda to become one church. There is no intention of one jurisdiction absorbing another. The PNCC and the Nordic Catholic Church are from a different tradition from those of us who are Traditional Anglicans. The intent is to reestablish what existed between the Episcopal Church and the PNCC from 1946 until 1976 before TEC changed its Ecclesiology with the Ordination of Women to the priesthood.

The APA was represented by me, as Presiding and Diocesan Bishop, along with Suffragan Bishop of the Upper DEUS, Bishop Chad Jones. Seminarian Creighton McElveen served as our scribe for the Meeting.

APA Winter Clergy Conference, January 2125, 2019 The Conference was hosted at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Fernandina Beach, Florida, by Father Brad Cunningham, the Rector. Each year our Conferences get better and this year was no exception. Fr. Brad arranged the schedule with the subject Foreign and Domestic Missions and How the Parish can be Involved. We had a wide range of speakers on subjects ranging from “The Benedict Option” and how it is perceived and working, to ministry with veterans in the community, to working with the homeless. This all led to some simulating discussion and a host of new ideas that could be replicated/modified in varying situations. We had contributions from clergy who have had a long-standing ministry to some who are in the early stages of ministry. All in all, it made for a quick moving day that kept everyone’s interest! Clergy and postulant wives were hosted by Diana Cunningham at the Cunninghams’ home for a luncheon on Thursday. The two days were made even more special at our worship sessions of Holy Communion and Morning Prayer, by having our musician extraordinaire, Father Greg Miller at the organ. And, it does the heart so good to have all the clergy singing with such enthusiasm.

Training of Men and Women for Ministry I want to give special thanks to our Board of Examining Chaplains who work so hard by coming to Conferences and Synods early and coordinating the efforts of training our men for ministry and our women for the deaconess program throughout the year. These Chaplains, under the leadership of Dean Mark Menees as Chairman, are gifted men who dedicate themselves to this critical work. We have wonderful men who have been giving themselves to the ministry of our church and they are receiving guidance, encouragement and direction from our DEUS Chaplains. They are also working with a number of our women who are in the process of becoming deaconesses. I also want to give special thanks to our clergy and laity that comprise our DEUS Standing Committee for their efforts and dedication including traveling long distances to serve on this important committee. I am pleased to announce the Committees approved three men for ordination to the Diaconate (see Ad Clerum section in this Epistle).

Reminder-New Hires and APA/REC Life and Disability Insurance For those churches offering newly hired priests, deacons, or staff meeting the 20 hour requirement the APA/REC Life and Disability Insurance, please be sure to have them complete their paperwork within 30 days of hire. Information and paperwork can be found at the APA website at under “Resources” tab then “Canon Law and Policies.”

Annual Parish Reports Due – March 1 As Required by APA Canon 43, all churches in the Province need to turn in their annual Parochial Reports (Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2018) to their Bishop Ordinary. Deadline is March 1. All forms must be submitted online. The online format is similar to the type used for Clergy Conference Registration with quick question and answer entry. The online form is on the APA website at under the “Resources” tab and “Parish Reports.” A copy of the Report is included in this Epistle as a worksheet to prepare answers prior to entering online. The online form will automatically send the parish data to the APA office and send a copy to the church email address used for submission. For DMA parishes, data will then be forwarded to the Rt. Rev. Robert Giffin, Bishop Ordinary, and for DOW parishes, to the Rev. Canon Robert Hawkins, Vicar General.

In Closing I have never been more pleased and proud of the clergy we have in our church at the present time. We now have a number of our men in various stages of preparation for ministry, along with

others who are now ordained and serving or preparing to serve in one of our parishes. There are other traditional priests who are looking at the APA as the church where they need to be. We are a stable jurisdiction which has a vision for the future. We are strong and positive in our outlook. I am so thankful for all of you who make this possible, clergy and laity alike. May this New Year be one of growth and prosperity in the Lord for all of us.

God bless and keep each of you, +Walter


SAVE THE DATE—DEUS Synod The Diocese of the Eastern United States, APA, will hold their Diocesan Synod in Orlando/Oviedo, Florida, the week of July 15, 2019. Please see the flyer on the last page of this Epistle for more details. Online registration will be on APA website February 15, 2019. As mentioned previously, this Synod will include the election of a Diocesan Bishop Coadjutor. Also a Summons will be going out to all DEUS clergy separately. Reminder: all DEUS clergy are required to attend unless excused by Bishop Grundorf.

Ad Clerum APA New Assignments I am pleased to announce that Father Brian Oldfield has been issued a call from St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Melbourne, Florida, to serve as Rector. Fr. Brian, his wife Morgan, and their two sons, will be relocating to Melbourne following the school year. Brian+ will continue to teach at Lindisfarne Hall School at Holy Trinity Church, Fernandina Beach, Florida and will be at St. Paul’s Church every other weekend during the transition period. This is the agreement established between Brian+ and the Vestry. The Area Dean, Fr. Ralph Waterhouse, is making arrangements with local clergy to supply St. Paul’s Church until Fr. Brian arrives in June 2109.

Additionally, I am pleased to announce that Father Tyler Phass has been called to St. John’s Anglican Church, Greensboro, North Carolina, to serve as Curate to Dean Mark Menees. Fr. Tyler, his wife Holly, and their children will be relocating around March 1. Tyler+ served a brief curacy under Canon Ray Unterburger, before Fr. Ray’s untimely death in May 2018, and has served the balance of the year as Vicar. He will continue his curacy under Father Menees.

Last but not least, Father Peter Joslyn, his wife Erin, and their two daughters (with a third on the way) will be relocating to Fernandina Beach, Florida. This is another exciting part of the story of our young Clergymen and their families willing to move where they can best serve in our Diocese as needed. Fr. Peter and family will be moving soon and he scheduled to start at Holy Trinity on February 17, 2019. Fr. Peter has been serving as Curate at St. John’s Church, Greensboro, North Carolina, under Dean Mark Menees, Rector, and will continue his ministry under Father Brad Cunningham, Rector at Holy Trinity Church, Fernandina Beach, Florida.

Diaconate Ordination Approvals The Board of Examining Chaplains (BEC) approved for Ordination to the Diaconate: Dennis Ryan of St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Crownsville, MD, and Kevin Fife, Seminarian at Reformed Episcopal Seminary (upon completion). Erik Wilson, who was previously approved by the Chaplains, was approved by the Standing Committee of the DEUS at this meeting. Congratulations and God’s blessing to these men.

Vacancies  St. Mathias Mission, Dothan, AL  St. Martin’s, Ocala, FL  St. Philip’s Church, Pinellas Park, FL

Prayer List Of your charity, keep in your prayers: Canon Emerson and wife, Shirley; Fr. John Gibson; Bishop Rushlow; Bishop Hanlan; Bishop Shaver; Fr. Conway; Fr. Carter; Fr. Bakley and wife, Pat; and Fr. Gardner. RIP: Joan, wife of Bishop Raymond Hanlan.

APA Presiding Bishop, DEUS Bishop Ordinary Itinerary Dec. 11: G-4 Archbishop Conference Call. Dec. 19: Meeting with clergy re: possible Parochial school. Dec. 24: Christmas Eve Mass, St. Alban’s Cathedral, Oviedo, FL. Jan. 5, 2019: Meeting with clergyman re: retirement due to health. Jan. 12: Officiated Funeral of Joan Hanlan, wife of Bishop Hanlan, Deerfield Beach, FL. Jan. 13: Episcopal Visitation, St. Peter’s Church, Deerfield Beach, FL. Jan. 15-17: Anglican Joint Synods (G-4) – Polish National Catholic Church Dialogue Meeting, St. Barnabas Church, Dunwoody, GA. Jan. 23-25: APA Winter Conference, DEUS Standing Committee Meeting, Individual Candidate Interviews, Holy Trinity Church, Fernandina Beach, FL. Feb. 9: Churchmen’s outing, Vero Beach, FL. Feb. 11-20: Pilgrimage to the Holy Land with the Anglican Province of America pilgrimage group. Feb. 24: Episcopal Visitation, St. Mary the Virgin Church, Delray Beach, FL. Mar. 9-10: Episcopal Visitation, St. George the Martyr Church, Simpsonville, SC. Mar. 26-28: Anglican Joint Synods (G-4) Clergy Retreat, Monastery of the Holy Spirit, Conyers, GA.

APA Missionary Bishop, Bishop Haines Itinerary Jan. 23-25: DEUS Winter Clergy Conference, DEUS Standing Committee Meeting, Holy Trinity Church, Fernandina Beach, FL. Mar. 2: Attend ordination of Erik Wilson to the Diaconate, All Saints Parish, Wilmington, NC.

DMA Bishop Ordinary, Bishop Robert Giffin Mar 30-31: Episcopal visitation, St. Augustine Mission, Valparaiso, IN.

DEUS Suffragan Bishop Jones Itinerary Jan. 15-17: Anglican Joint Synods (G-4) – Polish National Catholic Church Dialogue Meeting, St. Barnabas Church, Dunwoody, GA. Jan. 21-25: Diocesan Board of Examining Chaplains Meeting, APA Winter Conference, and Diocesan Standing Committee Meeting, Holy Trinity Church, Fernandina Beach, FL. DEUS Suffragan Bishop Jones Itinerary (cont.) Jan. 27: Episcopal Visitation, Christ the Redeemer Church, Warner Robins, GA. Feb. 3: Episcopal Visitation and Confirmations, St. Michael the Archangel Church, Matthews, NC. Feb. 11-20: Pilgrimage to the Holy Land with the Anglican Province of America pilgrimage group. Mar. 2: Ordination of Erik W. Wilson to the Sacred Order of Deacons, All Saints Parish, Wilmington, NC. Mar. 3: Episcopal Visitation and Confirmations, All Saints Parish, Wilmington, NC. Mar. 17: Episcopal Visitation and Confirmations, St. Alban’s Church, Joppa, MD. Mar. 26-28: Anglican Joint Synods (G-4) Clergy Retreat, Monastery of the Holy Spirit, Conyers, GA.

DEUS Suffragan Bishop Perkins Itinerary Jan. 08: Southeast Florida Traditional Anglican Clericus, Delray Beach, FL. Jan. 12: Assisted, Funeral, Joan Hanlan, wife of Bishop Hanlan, Deerfield Beach, FL. Jan. 23-25: Winter Clergy Conference, DEUS Standing Committee Meeting, Fernandina Beach, FL. Feb. 12: Southeast Florida Traditional Anglican Clericus Delray Beach, FL.

Birthdays and Anniversaries January Birthdays 01 Dss. Linda Burns, BCOS 01 The Rev. Don Edlemann 02 The Rev. Scott Koszalinski 03 The Rev. Mark Menees, BCOS 14 The Most Rev. Dr. Larry Shaver, Obl OSB 15 The Rev. Vincent Varnas 20 The Most Rev. Walter Grundorf, D.D. 21 The Rev. Daniel Rieger 24 The Rev. Bradley Cunningham 25 The Rev. Brian Oldfield

January Anniversaries 06 The Rev. John Klein, Priesthood 09 The Rev. Louis Johnson, EdD, Priesthood 10 The Rev. Ian Dunn, Diaconate 10 The Rev. Daniel Squires, Diaconate 19 The Rt. Rev. G. Raymond Hanlan, Bishop

January Birthdays (cont.) 19 The Rev. Canon Robert Jennings, Priesthood 19 The Rev. Mr. Peter Joslyn, Diaconate 19 The Rev. David Sokol, SSM, Priesthood 22 Dss Suzanne Standiford, Setting Apart 23 The Rev. Dennis Washburn, PhD, Priesthood 25 The Rev. George Harding, Diaconate 25 The Rev. Gregory Miller, Priesthood 25 The Rev. Brian Oldfield, Priesthood 29 The Rev. Wade Miller, Diaconate 31 The Rev. Mark Menees, BCOS, Diaconate

February Birthdays 01 The Rev. Clarence (Chip) Sills 05 The Rev. Stephen Sommerrock 10 Dss. M. Clare Burgess 11 The Rev. Dick Miller 12 The Rt. Rev. C. Peter Brewer, OSF 13 The Rev. Thomas Burr 19 The Rev. Canon Michael Ward, SSA 23 The Rev. Kevin Sweeney 25 The Rev. William Martin, SSC

February Anniversaries 02 The Rev. John Gibson, Priesthood 03 The Rev. Dr. Creighton Barnes, Priesthood 06 The Rev. Brian Oldfield, Diaconate 08 The Rev. Yossi Sarid, Priesthood 12 The Rev. Frank Bartlett, SSM, Priesthood 12 The Rev. Kenneth Bailey, Jr., Priesthood 13 The Rev. John Poole, Diaconate 18 The Rev. James Danford, Diaconate 19 The Rev. James Danford, Priesthood 20 The Rev. Benjamin Holland, Diaconate 21 The Rev. Rosemond Etienne, Diaconate 21 Dss Jocelyne Lezin, Setting Apart 21 The Rev. Pierre Nacius, Diaconate 21 The Rev. Yvon Thermidor, Diaconate 22 The Rev. John Lohmann, IV, Priesthood 23 The Rt. Rev. Arthur Rushlow, Diaconate 24 The Rev. Don Edlemann, Priesthood 25 The Rev. Robert Placer, Priesthood 27 The Rev. Canon Michael Ward, SSA, Priesthood 28 The Rev. Michael Smith, Priesthood 29 The Rev. Nicholas Henderson, Diaconate

March Birthdays 02 Dss. Suzanne Standiford 05 The Rev. Louis Johnson, Ed.D 07 Dss. Elizabeth Jenkins 07 The Rt. Rev. Arthur Rushlow 11 The Rev. Mr. Eugene Godbold, PhD 20 The Rev. Guerrier Mews 24 The Rev. Benjamin Holland 30 The Rev. David Keller March Anniversaries 01 The Rev. David Coady, SSA, Priesthood 03 The Rev. Kevin Burks, Priesthood 07 The Rev. Canon Glenn Spencer, Priesthood 11 The Rev. Frank Bartlett, SSM, Diaconate 11 The Rt. Rev. Robert Loiselle, Bishop 17 The Rev. G. Allen Fisher, Priesthood 18 The Rev. Peter Joslyn, Priesthood 18 The Rev. Robert Tufton, Priesthood 19 The Rt. Rev. G. Raymond Hanlan, Priesthood 19 The Rev. Scott Koszalinski, Priesthood 21 The Rev. Eric Holle, Diaconate 21 The Rev. David Keller, Diaconate 22 The Rt. Rev. David Haines, Priesthood 22 The Rev. Scott Koszalinski, Diaconate 22 The Rev. Scott Koszalinski, Priesthood 24 The Rev. Clarence (Chip) Sills, Priesthood 25 The Rev. Scott McDermott, Diaconate 25 The Rt. Rev. Arthur Rushlow, Bishop 26 The Most Rev. Walter Grundorf, D.D., Bishop 26 The Rev. Robert Kirk, Diaconate 28 The Rev. Mr. Thad Osborne, Diaconate 29 The Rev. Mr. Josef Mayntz, Diaconate

Mea Culpa: In the last edition of the Bishop’s Epistle we missed the anniversary of Fr. Daniel Rieger’s priestly ordination on November 25. A belated blessings to Fr. Rieger.

Please contact the APA Office at 407.657.0880 or 800.480.1087 or if any of dates are in error or a date has been omitted.

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